SPM, the Solution to Periodontal Disease

A New Way of Thinking

Our research has shown that the body has the capacity to actively control inflammation and return to health. 

The natural response to injury or infection is inflammation, which is characterized by fever, redness, swelling, pain and loss of function.

The natural inflammatory response is well-controlled and spontaneously resolves.

When inflammation is excessive and fails to resolve, it creates chronic inflammatory diseases.

Currently, we treat chronic inflammatory diseases by trying to inhibit inflammation, which has many side-effects and is often ineffective.

In fact, we now understand that chronic inflammatory disease can result from a failure of the body’s natural resolution systems.

Now that we know the molecules that promote healing through a natural, feed-forward mechanism, we can develop drugs to mimic their actions.
Introducing NOCENDRA’s Specialized Pro-resolving lipid Mediators (SPMs)
NOCENDRA’s lead product SPM is
a novel  pro-resolving medicine
developed to treat periodontal disease.


What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s first-line defense after injury or infection. For more than 2000 years we thought that inflammation resolved when the stimulus went away.

Currently, we use anti-inflammatory drugs to inhibit inflammation. But most of these drugs depress resistance to infection and have multiple side effects, delay the resolution of inflammation and prolong the infection.

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Resolving & Regenerating

New research shows that the body has the capability to produce molecules that resolve inflammation naturally while enhancing the immune system. Specialized Pro-resolving lipid Mediators (SPMs) have dual actions to control inflammation and promote healing with no known side-effects.

At the forefront of this discovery NOCENDRA’S leading scientists are developing new drugs to enhance the body’s natural healing capabilities by limiting excess inflammation.

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Rabbit Periodontitis

Pre-clinical studies were done in rabbits; disease was induced with a human pathogen.

The 12-week experiment using a stable analog of SPM was able to demonstrate that:

  • SPMs reverse inflammation
  • SPMs stop progressive periodontitis
  • Elimination of inflammation promotes spontaneous regeneration of lost tissues
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Human Trials

Human Periodontitis

Phase I Clinical Trial  is completed and has assessed the Safety and Preliminary Efficacy of an SPM Oral Rinse for the treatment of Gingivitis.

125 subjects with Gingival inflammation were part of the trial which lasted 28 days. The results have shown that SPM is safe and reduces Gingivitis.

We are now ready to go into Phase II to test the optimum dose and determine the impact of the drug in periodontal disease.

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