SPM, the Solution to Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis in the U.S.
SPM Solution

Worldwide, periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. Our first goal is to deliver targeted solutions to promote oral health with efficient and easy to use products.

Untreated periodontitis is particularly harmful to human health as it results in chronic systemic inflammation and increases the risk of major inflammatory diseases. It is a major problem as:

  • The primary in-clinic treatment is scaling and root planing, and ultimately surgery
  • Existing recommended drug therapies have minimal impact, particularly in advanced disease
  • Prescription chlorhexidine rinse may be given, but tooth staining side effects limit long term compliance
Why is Controlling Periodontitis so Difficult?

The oral cavity contains over 700 different species of microorganisms that co-exist with the host in health.

In health, the microbiome contains between 300-400 individual species.  In periodontitis, the complexity of the microbiome and the bacterial load both increase.

Most people have gingivitis, which is reversible.  A subset develop periodontitis that is currently irreversible!

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Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease
Then why not treat with anti-inflammatory drugs?
  • With COX inhibitors?
    • Ibuprofen, Flurbiprofen, Celecoxibs
  • With TNFα antagonists?
  • Etaneracept, Inflixamab
  • With Steroids?
  • With Statins?
  • All  attenuate periodontal disease progression, but none regenerate tissues
  • All have unacceptable side-effect profiles
  • None regenerate tissues
Periodontal Disease is a Major Problem
  • 90 % of Adult US Population age 30 and older suffers from Gingivitis
  •  47% Have Periodontal disease (>67 Million)
  •  14% Have Severe Periodontal Disease  (>22 Million)
             – have significant esthetic and function manifestations
               – will seek treatment

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SPM regenerates periodontal tissues
Testing the regenerative potential of SPM in periodontal disease

We have shown that the newly discovered class of compounds – lipoxins, resolvins and protectins – drive resolution of inflammatory lesions using the body’s own pathways with a return to homeostasis including tissue regeneration. The mediators in this new prescription mouth rinse protect organs and stimulate the process of recovery without the side effects usually related to traditional anti-inflammatory drugs. NOCENDRA has synthesized analog compounds rendering them stable over long periods of time.

  • Lead compound is a stable lipoxin analog of SPM
  • Flexibility in formulation: Oral Rinse (mouthwash), slow release formulations
  • Phase I clinical trial complete and shows excellent results
  • No Toxicity – FDA approved IND

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